Little shells…. Everywhere
Seriously, how could I not love this guy
what I do on friday nights after work.

Wearing an ex boyfriend’s hoodie to bed. Why does it still smell like him? Hah, noo regretsss

Seriously a class. I love my school

Ugh I don’t even want someone who’s perfect. I want someone who has a lot of flaws. But they know that they do. And they don’t care, because that’s just who they are. Because I have so many flaws too, but I’m okay with that.

so. fucking. bored.

Today was the worst day EVER.

  • Meeting at job #1 at 8am
  • Job #2’s shift from 10am-5pm
  • Job #1’s shift from 5:30pm-10pm


ps, I saw a murder and a bank robbery last night.